The 2010 Living Room Collection From Huelsta

2010 living room collection by huelsta

2010 living room collection from huelsta

2010 living room design by huelsta

2010 living room idea from huelsta

2010 living room inspiration from huelsta

2010 modern living room collection by huelsta

contemporary living room design by huelsta

huelsta living room collection

living room collection by huelsta

living room sets by huelsta

modern living room collection by huelsta

The 2010 huelsta living room collection
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Want more Selena? Get the scoop on Selena’s favorite Twitter photos.
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2014/08/28 04:07
August 3, 2010 @ 9:12 am
Last night’s Bachelorette finale was first of sorts, as Ali Fedotowsky gently broke up with Chris Lambton before the Final Rose ceremony. Roberto Martinez received the final rose and gained a fiancee. “I want to make sure you wake up every morning for the rest of your life knowing you’re so, so loved,” he said on bended knee.?  reported that the ring, courtesy of jeweler-to-the stars , was over 3 carats total weight and featured an Asscher-cut center stone set in a 184-brilliant round diamond band. Not a bad accessory to wear with her flowing Grecian gown from , especially since Cary Fretman, the show’s resident stylist, purposely kept her jewelry  “in case there was a proposal. The earrings were the perfect accent…they didn’t fight the dress.” Click through our gallery to see more photos of the newly engaged couple.
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2014/08/28 03:59
May 29, 2013 @ 11:45 am
Sizzling and safe, classic and edgy, entrance-making and elegant, the?little black?dress?is the most adaptable weapon in the female arsenal. And  knows it. The 24-year-old royal reached for an LBD to attend a book launch party in London last night with boyfriend Dave Clark, who works at Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic space tourism project. She?accessorized the look with a studded belt and matching accessories, including a black braided clutch and pumps.?What’s the key to a perfect LBD? Says designer Julie Chaiken: “It should be fabulous enough to turn heads in a room and sophisticated enough to take the breath away of someone special.” Did Beatrice’s do the trick? You tell us.
Plus, see more of Princess Beatrice’s outfits.
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2014/08/28 01:43
December 2, 2013 @ 5:25 pm
Nothing finishes off a festive party dress quite like the perfect updo, but between the frenzied shopping and hectic travel plans, finding time to style your strands can be a tall order. That’s why we compiled the best celebrity styles, user-friendly hair tools, sparkly accessories, and much more, to help you streamline your primping process!
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2014/08/28 01:43
Josh Dallas talks about his and Ginnifer Goodwin’s new baby boy on Twitter. []
Here are?more?must-clicks to visit during your lunch break:
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2014/08/28 01:41
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2014/08/28 01:33
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to get updates when Net-a-Sporter goes live. In the meantime, browse Net-a-Porter’s , and
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2014/08/26 08:17
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2014/08/23 16:30
You've been bad. Very bad. You know it, and you told me so.

You've crammed your purse with way too much "stuff"— you had another more expressive word for it — and now you've got the exhaustion, sore shoulders and aching back to prove it.

"Am I the silliest woman on earth carrying all this?" asked Sherilyn Neal, stopping on Michigan Avenue to put her purses on a scale I set up on a table bedecked with a big sign asking, "How much does your purse weigh?" (Short answer: too much.)

Neal was carrying just under 10 pounds, split between the Chicago account manager's purse and her purse annex, an ample tote filled with an extra pair of shoes, a just-in-case umbrella and a hardcover library book by the author of "Eat, Pray, Love."

"That's a light book. You should have caught me when I was carrying the ' Harry Potter' books," laughed Neal.

Although Neal's load was at the high end of my weigh-ins, it was nowhere near the top. Mostly women, plus a trio of 20-year-old guys visiting from Ukraine, weighed in.

Neal was a lightweight compared with accountant Suzanne Fisher, 43, of Western Springs, who was hauling a back-breaking 20.4 pounds (in two bags) along Boul Mich, including a hefty leather calendar that she cannot let out of her sight. "This is my life," she said as she let me weigh the thing (2.5 pounds).

With a stylish white monster hanging off her left shoulder, tiny Ana Rodriguez, 46, said, "I told my husband yesterday I need a smaller purse. It
is heavy, and I had back surgery," said the homemaker and mother of four from St. John, Ind. Her wallet alone weighed 1.5 pounds, and her makeup bag wasn't far behind at 1.1 pounds.

Believe me, any purse over 5 pounds feels heavy, "especially when you've been walking for four hours. It gets heavier," said one woman who was weighed down by her bejeweled 6-pounder.

"I'm always picking up my patients' purses and asking, 'What the hell do you carry around?'" said Dr. Susan Dugan, a back pain expert and associate professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Rush University Medical Center.

"Big purses are 'in,' and they're beautiful, but if you carry a smaller purse, you have to prioritize. So choosing a smaller purse would be a good solution," says Dugan.

(For a peek at my personal purse psychosis, see opposite page.)

Dugan says there's no specific weight limit women should shoot for, but she had two ways to measure whether your purse needs to slim down. If you have trouble lifting it off the seat next to you with one hand, you're in trouble.

And: "If you will not let other people pick up your purse — 'Oh, no, I'll get it. It's too heavy' — then it's time to purge."

Bags by the numbers

Purses weighed: 48

Average bag weight: 6 pounds

Women complaining of back pain: 5
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